Take a new word like Introduction

  1. Make as many words as you can. like in,duct, ton, trod,rot, etc, and let me know how many words can you make without duplicating the alphabets.

  2. The more you do, you will increase your vocabulary.

  3. Use them in sentences of your own and thus master those words with meanings.

  4. you can speak,read, write better English.

  5. Blessings and best wishes for a better future.

For my darlings Deepak and Divya 6th

For my darlings Deepak and Divya 6th

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Join today-Learn spoken English and Hindi

  • It is very easy.
  • where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Leave laziness and the wrong thinking that  stop in your way of progress.
  • Try to learn one letter,two letters word and try to make sentences with them.
  • What is a sentence? It is nothing but a group of words arranged in a logical order ,which makes complete sense.
  • Learn 10 words a day,knowing the spelling,syllable,stress,pronunciation and how it used in a particular context.
  • Observe more,listen more,you can learn more. It does not mean overhearing conversation to spread as news.
  • you will a master one day and your confidence gets build up.
  • Hearty blessings to be a good listener and a good speaker and  a good two wayconversationalist.


Easy English Grammar

  1. He went in to the kitchen. She goes outside. He has gone there many times. went,go, gone. go,went,gone.
  2. He did his job well. She does her home-work. He has done a good job.
  3. did,do done,do,did,done
  4. .I speak English. He spoke Hindi. Have you spoken to him? speak,spoke, spoken.
  5. He catches the thief. she caught the train on time.Have you caught the ball.?catch,caught,caught
  6. I see the blue sea. He saw the sea-gull. Have you  seen the sea-gull near the sea?See, saw,seen
  7. .I teach English. He taught German.Have you taught him the lesson?teach,taught.taught
  8. .I think of her all the time.He thought of someone else.Have you thought about it? think,thought,thought.
  9. The bird flies there. Which bird flew near the plane? Have you flown a kite?Fly,flew, Flown
  10. He keeps all things in order.She kept her purse on the table.Has she kept her promise?keep,kept, kept.