Learning Hindi through movies is easy.

  1. See Shriman Shrimati Sanjeev kumar’s .
  2. you will enjoy the movie and learn Hindi Easily.
  3. Because the story and dialogues  are very easy to understand.
  4. If you see at least 10movies of these old movies you can master Hindi to speak and also understand.
  5. You will be happy and glad if you follow what I recommend.
  6. If you are successful in speaking Hindi,you will be doing me a favour.
  7. When you learn and speak send me a mail to: sprout1932@ gmail.com
  8. Iwill suggest some good movies of the past and you can master Hindi.

Long Live All Languages

  1. http://learnlanguagestoday.blogspot.com/2018/10/learn-tamil-thro-movie.html

  2. Learn Hindu Mythology through movies.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Long live the languages of India and the world.
 Every language has it own beauty.
Indians must be proud to have different languages,customs and traditions.
Watch the Republic day parade.
 I am proud to be Indian.
 I like all languages.
one more language makes you to be close with the people to communicate and be at home. 
It is the politicians cup of tea and we are all gullible people .
we are Indians we can have different languages.
We eat rice and wheat.
that does not mean we are different.



English is easy to learn

  • Learn 10 words a day.like ear,near,are,ran,real,ale,Lear,lea, like these.
  • Try to make some sentences of your own.
  • My ear is near my eyes.
  • They are there for me to hear.
  • King Lear ran his kingdom .
  • None of his daughters had real affection on him except his third daughter.
  • Ale is a drink, do you think so?
  • Is Lea a meadow?
  • Who used sword in those days?
  • what is a noise?
  • What is a sound?
  • Do you create any noise pollution.?
  • Do you use Horn near the hospital?

Old cinema watch you can learn Tamil easily

  1. Aboorva  sahodarargal strange brothers
  2. Sri  valli Lord Muruga’s  wife
  3. siva kavi
  4. Ratna kumar
  5. yaar Paiiyan whose boy?
  6. see these movies learn a few words
  7. Learn a few Tamil words
  8. listen to,the songs
  9. Try to understand
  10. if you have difficulty send gmail to : geenrao19@ gmail.com


Learn a few Tamil words

  • Adhoo that yedhoo which  Idhoo this 
  • Avaroo He Yavaroo who ivaroo this gentleman
  • iPpoh Now app oh  then eppoh wheN.
  • Ippadi like this appadi like that  eppadi  How  
  • Amaan yes  il Lai No
  • nalladhu  good kettadhu bad
  • ingay here angeh there enghey where?
  •  Ennah what venoom want yarookku for whom avarookku for him,ivarookku for this gentleman
  • kadavul God  God is here, God is there,Where is no God?kadavul inghey irukkaroo,anghey irukkaroo,
  • enghey illai?
  •  innikkee today, annikkhee that day.yennikkee on which day.?

Practice this. For two days.